Del Brown 2015

The Del Brown Permit Tournament will be celebrating 15 years! We are so happy to still be hosting this great tournament each July. The tournament as always is a tribute to the late Del Brown and his accomplishment as a permit fly angler.

The dates for the 2015 Del Brown are July 11 – 14, 2015

July 11 – Kick Off Dinner 6:30PM

July 12 – Fishing Day

July 13 – Fishing Day

July 14 – Final Fishing Day, Awards immediately following last boat in.

*** This year the fishing dates will be a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Registration is now open and available. There is a maximum of 20 boats for this event so register early!

Del Brown Final Results

Congrats to all our anglers and guides! The tournament was a great success and the we were blessed with good weather. Overall there were 15 permit released during the three day event.

Grand Champion
Nathaniel Linville of Key West
Captain Aaron Snell
800 points total and 5 permit released. The largest being 32″ to the fork.

First Runner-Up
Greg Vincent of Grand Bahama Island
Captain Justin Rea
300 points total and 2 permit released.

Runner Up
Ivar Bolander of Santa Rosa, CA
Captain Steve Friedman
150 points total and one permit released measuring 27″ to the fork.

Most Bonefish Releases
Nick Worswick of New York, NY
Captain Mike Bartlett
6 bonefish releases for a total of 600 points.

Largest Permit
Nathaniel Linville of Key West
Capt. Aaron Snell
32″ to the fork.

We would like to recognize the first lady angler to fish this event, Kat Vallilee of Key West. She caught her first permit on fly on the final day of the Del Brown. She was fishing with Capt. Drew Delashmit.

Day 2 of the Del Brown Permit Tournament

Day two started out beautiful! The clouds moved in and a few thunderstorms in the afternoon making the fishing a little more difficult. In the end there were two permit caught by two different boats. Tony Nobregas and Capt. Rob Fordyce caught one permit measuring 26 1/2 inches and Mike Ward and Capt. Don Gable caught one fish measuring 20 1/2 inches.

There were also several bonefish caught today. We have a fun category for bonefish releases and when the permit fishing is slow there are usually a few bonefish in the shadows. John Holt and Capt. Travis Holeman caught one nice bonefish, Jim Knowles and Capt. Peter Heydon, Nathaniel Linville and Capt. Aaron Snell, and Mike Ward and Capt Don Gable all release one bonefish today. Greg Vincent and Capt. Justin Rea released two bonefish.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Del Brown. Good luck everyone! See you in the morning!

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About the Del Brown

The Del Brown Permit Tournament is dedicated to the man who made permit fishing with a fly rod famous, the late Del Brown. Brown caught 513 permit on a fly rod in his lifetime.

Brown tied a fly called the “Merkin” that was a close enough representation of a crab that permit rushed to eat it. Today there are many styles of the Merkin fly, most of them are a representation of Brown’s crab.


Sunday, July 12

6:30 AM – Breakfast, coffee and juice – Upstairs at Hurricane Hole
7:30 AM  – Boats may depart for fishing
3:30 PM  – Lines Out** – Scorekeeping, Appetizers and Cash Bar Upstairs at Hurricane Hole
4:30 PM – All Scoresheets Returned to Scorekeeper

Monday, July 13
6:30 AM – Breakfast, coffee and juice – Upstairs at Hurricane Hole
7:30 AM – Boats may depart for fishing
3:30 PM – Lines Out** – Scorekeeping, Appetizers and Cash Bar
4:30 PM – All Scoresheets Returned to Scorekeeper

Tuesday, July 14
6:30 AM – Breakfast, coffee and juice – Upstairs at Hurricane Hole
7:30 AM – Boats may depart for fishing
3:30 PM – Lines Out **– Scorekeeping, Appetizers and Cash Bar
4:30 PM – All Scoresheets Returned to Scorekeeper


Tournament Rules


  1. This is a flats and fly only Permit fishing tournament.
  2. Licensed guides may fish as anglers, anglers may guide the boat.
  3. The designation of angler and guide must be made prior to the first fishing day.
  4. Only the angler may touch the rod, reel or line while line is outside the boat. Exception: when boating or releasing the fish, guide may then touch line but no more than length of the rod from the hook. The line from only one rod may be in the water at any time.
  5. All fish must be boated, photographed with your own digital camera and released alive. A poor quality photo, a partial fish photo, or no photo can completely disqualify a catch, at the discretion of the rules committee. (7/10)
  6. Measuring devices will be provided. There is no minimum length of fish.
  7. Fishing range is unlimited. All boats must leave from and return to tournament headquarters each day by water. No trailering.
  8. Boats may leave the tournament dock at 7:30AM. Fishing may begin immediately. Lines out at 3:30PM. A fish hooked prior to 3:30PM may be caught after 3:30PM. Boats must return to dock by 4:30PM unless a breakdown occurs in which the rules committee may grant an extension. (7/10)
  9. There will be no fishing before or after tournament hours.
  10. Daily catch forms must be turned in to the scorekeeper by the angler no later than 4:30PM each fishing day. Scorekeeper will be located upstairs in the restaurant at Hurricane Hole.
  11. IGFA rules apply to all fly tackle and leaders except where otherwise stated within these rules.
  12. Overall landing net length may not exceed 8 feet.
  13. Only traditional flies with a single hook are allowed.
  14. Maximum tippet strength is 20# as per manufacturer’s rating. Any brand of leader material may be used. Any length of leader may be fished.
  15. No chumming. No tipping the fly with scent or bait. There shall be no bait on board the vessel during the tournament.
  16. Fish must be cast to in water that is no deeper than eight feet. The fish must be on a flat or flat edge but not in a channel. No wreck fishing. Catching fish over natural structure is permitted as long as the natural structure is on a flat in less than eight feet of water.
  17. Wading is permitted.
  18. All protests must be submitted in written form to the tournament rules committee by 5:00PM on the day of fishing that the proposed infraction occurred.
  19. Ties shall be broken by total inches of permit caught. Further tie to be broken by last fish caught first. Bonefish category tie shall be broken by last fish caught first.
  20. No cell phones to be used during fishing (3/02)
  21. The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse tournament entry to any prospective entrant with or without cause at his or her sole discretion.
  22. Bonefish may be targeted as an alternate species. Bonefish do not need to be measured.
  23. To qualify the bonefish release a photo must be taken of the angler with the bonefish. Please record the date and time fish was landed on Bonefish Catch Sheet.

Each bonefish release will count as 100 points.